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Special Blend for Success—Angela Vithoulkas 186 Preface

In Australia, entrepreneurialism is woven into the fabric of society. Australians aspire not only to home ownership, but to property investment— and they dream of owning not just one property, but an entire portfolio.

Tax breaks on property ownership are turning Australia into a nation of landlords, and that same spirit is fuelling a desire to break free from the nine-to-five culture to a life where their destiny is in their own hands, whether it be through a franchise or a small, independent business.

The government fosters such entrepreneurial ambition with generous tax breaks, and while our big banks can sometimes make life difficult for small businesses, many start-ups not only survive, they prosper.

In this book we learn how it can be done, and how others can follow in their footsteps.

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Источник: Nick Gardner. How. I made-.my first million. 26 self-made millionaires reveal the secrets to their success. 2010

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  5. 3. Scientific-methodical Grounds of Execution of the Program
  6. 2. The Subject and Scope of the Program
  7. 5. Organisational Bases of the Program
  8. Unit 4. Mutual Assent and Defective AgreementОбоюдное согласие и юридически дефектный договор
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  15. Глава 4. Финансово-правовые нормы и финансовые правоотношения
  16. § 1. Общая характеристика и виды финансово-правовых норм
  17. § 2. Финансовые правоотношения: понятие, особенности и классификация
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