pub baron shrugs off the worst of times


When the multimillionaire visualisations became reality he thought it was important to reward himself, and he did. 'I've always had two cars, right from when I learned to drive, whether it was a Mustang and a Land Cruiser, or a Porsche and a vintage car.

At one stage I had thirteen cars. I don't spend a lot on clothes, but I like guns. I collect guns; I've got about ten pistols. I've got a massive collection of rock 'n' roll memorabilia. I suppose I've spent money on things like that. I've got a tile from the pool that Brian Jones [the founding Rolling Stones member] drowned in. That's pretty cool.'

He regrets that as the Pubboy brand developed his personal life became public property, but the experience didn't frighten him all that much. Indeed, he's now working on a reality- television show about himself that he says Foxtel and one of the big networks have shown interest in. 'It's an excellent capture of my life,' he says. 'I'm very passionate about everything I do. I'm passionate about my children. I'm passionate about my business. I'm single, so I'm passionate about women.

'Money comes and goes. You don't take it with you when you go; all you take is a good soul.'

Stephen Corby

golden rules

Live your life your own way.

Stay true to your dream.

Believe in yourself.

Make love, not war.

Get your priorities straight.

And remember who the real boss is—Bruce Springsteen.

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Источник: Nick Gardner. How. I made-.my first million. 26 self-made millionaires reveal the secrets to their success. 2010

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