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Boris M. Genkin — Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, Professor, head of a department in St. Petersburg State University for Engineering and Economics. He is the author 180 published works, including 9 monographs and textbooks.

He made presentations in international conferences in Russia ang Germany. Major scientific works of В. М. Genkin focus on optimization of labour processes and rating of labour, theory and methods of motivation, organization of wages/salary, problems of quality of life, efficiency of creative work, metaeconomics.


Theoretical and methodological problems of Human Resource Management have been stated on the base of concepts, which are central both for economics and sociology of labour. First of all, these concepts include: quality of life, human needs and potential, efficiency, motives, fairness, labour conditions, distribution of income.

Special attention has been paid to ethical, ecological and spiritual aspects of human activity, because a number of extremely negative trends in development of civilization are conditioned by prevailing types of economic behaviour. Ethical aspects of economic activity are especially topical for modern Russia.

For preparation of this textbook the author has used the results of researchs conducted with financial support of Soros Foundation (Research Support Scheme, grant 963/93) and Russian Foundation of Fundamental Researchs (grants 96-06-80235 and 98-06-80167). Specifically, structure of needs according to different goals of human activity has been stated; theorem of profitableness of labour components has been formulated and demonstrated; conditions of rational using of human potential have been considered.

The textbook is goaled to preparation of specialists in management of enterprises, so considerable place has been given to work processes and rates optimisation.

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Источник: Б. М. Генкин. Экономика и социология труда : учеб. для вузов. 2007

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