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Forums are big authority sites that get tons of traffic and have many loyal members.

Forget trying to build all that from scratch. Just tap into it! But you need to be respectful and not an ass, ok?

Posting on forums is a great way to make money.

Sure, you could reach many of the same prospects with Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click advertising - but we will use this alternative channel here. Many people know how to market online pretty well - but they have trouble getting that initial traffic that will kick-start the process. Some initial traffic so they can do split tests on their sites. Some initial visitors who will buy the product and offer feedback and testimonials.

Guess what: Forums can provide all that! You don't have to do Pay per Click and go out there "in the cold cruel world" and try to "hunt" for your first prospects.

The most popular forums in each market have many members that are passionate about what they do. The internet can be a very lonely place.

Forums create a sense of community and a sense of "hey, there are others like me". People use forums every day in different ways: They can just browse the newest topics to see "what's new" - as most people hate missing out on new information.

They can ask a specific question so that other members will give their opinions.

They may be very knowledgeable and want to help other members by answering their questions.

They are not knowledgeable but they still want to give their opinion.

They use the "search" function of the forums to gain knowledge about a specific aspect of their industry.

Hanging out on forums is a great way to gain insights into your market. They can reveal things that keyword research tools just can't. People go there to bitch and moan about all the problems they face.

They can complain about this and that. This is great for you because you can understand what are the real problems people have. You can also pick up on trends and what some of the "subniches" in your niche are. For example, if you are in the weight loss industry, you may see many threads about weight loss pills, diets that don't make you hungry, exercise programs for busy people etc. Take your pick.

So, how do you make money from this?

Your job is to post regularly in these forums. Then, people who read your posts, will read your signature file (a paragraph that says something about you or your offer) and,

hopefully, click on your link.

When posting on forums, I would use my real name as my username. This is a great way for people to get to know you and brand yourself as an expert - or at least as someone who isn't hiding behind a screen. As days and weeks go by, you'll see that things start to "look up" for no apparent reason. You will start getting preferential treatment from other members of the forum.

Joint Venture requests, getting free review copies or samples of products etc.

If you don't want to post with your real name for whatever reason, at

least post with something that can be remembered. Don't use

"bg234rty". Use something like "Spiderman's Uncle" or "Big Bad John".

Or whatever. Just make it easy to remember.

Before you start posting in the forums, you need to understand...

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Источник: Morse S.. Making money online. How to make 1000$/week. 2011

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